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  • Letter from NCFLL President Denny DeMay on IT Consolidation
    Posted On: Sep 11, 2014

    I am writing to you today to ask for your help.  As you may already know the Department is involved with IT consolidation.  This process began back in 2011.  Up to this point the IT work being consolidated was all performed by federal contractors.  The Department is now in the process of consolidating IT functions of MSHA and ETA, both of which use NCFLL bargaining unit employees to perform IT work.

    Under the current proposal approximately one-half of the IT employees in MSHA and ETA will be transferred to OCIO (OASAM IT).  The rest will stay with their home agency.  The NCFLL requested bargaining over this change in working conditions.  Our bargaining team found out several days prior to the start of bargaining that the Department plans to contract out the work being done by NCFLL bargaining unit employees when those employees either retire or leave the Department.

    The Department never notified the NCFLL of their intent to contract out this work.  The Department had made promises back in 2011 that the NCFLL would be kept fully informed of the IT consolidation process.  Imagine our surprise when the Department never formally, nor informally, notified of us this.  Based upon discussions with the Department at the August LMR meeting it was apparent that the Department had always intended to contract out this work.

    We need you contact your elected representatives and ask them to stop this contracting out.  This transfer of work is clearly a direct conversion of work from federal employees to contractors and is not legal.  There are links to several documents on the front page of the NCFLL web site.  Please use these documents when you contact your elected representatives.

    As a federal agency that has enforcement responsibilities for laws regarding employees, it is hypocritical of the Department not to follow a law regarding the work done by their own employees.  I know many of you getting this e-mail do not perform IT work for the Department, but if this work can be contracted out could your work be next?


    Denny DeMay

    NCFLL President

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