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    • Democracy Wins as Court Strikes Down Trump’s Anti-Worker Executive Order 

      Categories: Executive Orders 

      AFGE applauds ruling that administration illegally gutted workers’ rights, violated labor contracts

      WASHINGTON – In a landmark decision, a federal judge has ruled that President Trump violated the U.S. Constitution and laws providing checks and balances in the federal government by attempting to deny more than 2 million federal workers their legal right to representation.

      Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled late friday that the Trump administration’s May 25 executive order on official time violated the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the separation of powers as established in law. 

      The American Federation of Government Employees, which was the first union to challenge President Trump’s executive orders in court, applauded the judge’s ruling.

      “President Trump’s illegal action was a direct assault on the legal rights and protections that Congress specifically guaranteed to the public-sector employees across this country who keep our federal government running every single day,” AFGE National President J. David Cox Sr. said.

      “We are heartened by the judge’s ruling and by the huge outpouring of support shown to federal workers by lawmakers from both parties, fellow union workers, and compassionate citizens across the country,” Cox said. “Our members go to work every single day to serve the American people, and they deserve all the rights and protections afforded to them by our founding fathers.”

      AFGE, the largest union representing federal government employees, filed two lawsuits challenging President Trump’s executive orders. The first lawsuit challenged the executive order on official time as a violation of the right to freedom of association guaranteed by the First Amendment, and as exceeding the president’s authority. The second lawsuit charged that the remaining two orders exceed the president’s authority under the U.S. Constitution by violating the separation of powers and exceeding current law.

      The impact of these executive orders began being felt months before they were even issued, as the Department of Education in March threw out the contract covering 3,900 federal employees represented by AFGE and implemented its own illegal management edict that strips workers of their union rights, a precursor to what was to come weeks later when President Trump issued the three union-busting, anti-federal worker executive orders. Since the executive orders were signed May 25, other agencies including the Social Security Administration and Department of Veterans Affairs have issued similar edicts in an attempt to eradicate unions from the federal workplace and deny workers their legal right to representation.

      “Now that the judge has issued her decision, I urge all agencies that have attempted to enforce this illegal executive order to restore all previously negotiated contracts and to bargain in good faith with employee representatives on any future changes as required under the law,” Cox said.


      The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is the largest federal employee union, representing 700,000 workers in the federal government and the government of the District of Columbia. 

      J. David Cox Sr., Everett Kelley, Jeremy Lannan Elected National Officers

      Our members came together at the union’s 41st National Convention to elect our top three national officers.  

      National President J. David Cox Sr. returns to office for another three-year term. Delegates from AFGE local unions also elected District 5 National Vice President Everett Kelley to the office of National Secretary-Treasurer, and Jeremy Lannan to the office of National Vice President for Women and Fair Practices – both for three-year terms as well. 

      Cox was first elected National President in 2012. Kelley has served as District 5 National Vice President before being elected National Secretary-Treasurer, while Lannan has been elected to national office for the first time.  

      "I’m honored to be chosen as our leader – and I’m excited for us to prevail,” said Cox. “I’m ready to put it all on the line and lead our members to victory in every fight and against every challenge. This is about being the biggest, strongest, most organized, and engaged union there is, and I’m not going to stop until we reach that goal. We see the fight ahead. We will take those challenges head on, and as one union we will prevail!” 

      Cox defeated challenger Eugene Hudson Jr. to win the top office.  

      In the race for National Secretary-Treasurer, the first round of voting triggered a run-off.  

      Kelley led the first round, followed by former National Secretary-Treasurer Jim Davis, AFGE Council 220 President Dana Duggins, Alex Bastani and Grant A. Harris Sr. 

      In the run-off between Kelley and Davis, Kelley won, topping Davis and winning the election for a three-year term.  

      Jeremy Lannan was elected as National Vice President for Women and Fair Practices. Augusta Y. Thomas, who served as National Vice President for Women and Fair Practices from 2009-2018, came in second, followed by Terrence J. Johns and Eleanor Lauderdale. 

      More than 1,560 delegates from 533 locals attended the convention, which concluded Aug. 17. 

      LMR Minutes MOUs Case Decisions Regional Designated Reps Committees Const&ByLaws Training
      AFGE Files Next Wave of Legal Action Challenging Trump Executive Orders

      WASHINGTON – The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) has filed a second lawsuit challenging two executive orders issued by President Trump that would curtail the rights of federal workers. “These executive orders are clearly at odds with what Congress has mandated by law,” said AFGE General Counsel David Borer. “These directives from the White House display a shocking lack of respect for the Constitution and represent a serious overreach of the president’s executive powers.”

      AFGE president: Future of labor movement hinges on organizing

      WASHINGTON – Following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn 40 years of constitutional law that ensured public-sector workers benefited from the collective voice of union representation, the head of the largest union representing federal workers says employees will need to come together to preserve their workplace rights. “On May 25, President Trump issued a series of executive orders targeting federal employees’ collective bargaining and due process rights. And now the Supreme Court has issued a decision that jeopardizes union rights and protections for millions of public-sector workers at the state and local levels, and here in the District of Columbia,” said J. David Cox Sr., national president of the American Federation of Government Employees.

      Major Win for AFGE. EO Opposition Grows: Senators Release Another Letter Blasting Attacks

      Major Win for AFGE. EO Opposition Grows: Senators Release Another Letter Blasting Attacks June 25, 2018 8 Categories: Congress , The Insider , Executive Orders More members of Congress are speaking out against the White House’s attempts to undermine the U.S. Constitution and laws providing checks and balances in the federal government.

      AFGE supports reviving federal labor-management partnerships

      New law would revive panels disbanded by President Trump WASHINGTON – The American Federation of Government Employees fully supports legislation introduced in the House and Senate that would establish in law a national council overseeing labor-management relations in federal agencies.

      11 Facts About Family and Medical Leave You May Not Know

      Twenty-five years ago on Feb. 5, 1993, President Bill Clinton signed into law one of the most important pieces of legislation for working families – the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

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      Download: gs-may-june-web-version-2018.pdf
      Union opposes cuts to Federal Retirement Benefits Union opposes cuts to Federal Employee Retirement Benefits (both FERS and CSRS) as proposed under the President's FY 2018 Budget.
      Download: union opposes cuts.pdf

      When working people come together, they make things better for everyone. Joining together in unions enables workers to negotiate for higher wages and benefits and improve conditions in the workplace. There are millions of union members in America from all walks of life. These individuals know that by speaking up together, you can accomplish more than you could on your own.

      Building Power for Working People

      A union is you and your co-workers coming together as a team to make improvements at your workplace.

      Union members work together to negotiate and enforce a contract with management that guarantees the things you care about like decent raises, affordable health care, safer workplaces, job security and a stable schedule.

      There is a union for every type of career. There are unions for NFL players, lobstermen and sitcom actors, and many other professions. No matter what profession you are in, you deserve to make ends meet, have a good life and plan for the future.

      Advocate for Social and Economic Justice

      The gains working people make at the bargaining table are strengthened by good laws that protect against exploitation. Corporations use laws to increase their profits by weakening working people’s rights and safety. The legacy of strong unions has led to weekends, overtime pay and the end of child labor. That’s why union members continue to raise their voices to be heard from the worksite to the White House.

      We are a watchdog for working people. 

      Voice of the People

      Unions give a unified voice for all working people by advocating for legislation and regulations that keep us safer, healthier, and enjoying a higher quality of life. Many union members are politically engaged. We advocate for the public servants who will best serve the interests of working people at all levels of government. Together, we are re-writing the rules of the economy, so they benefit the 99% instead of the wealthy few.

      We also advocate for an expansion of voting rights. We need to make participatory democracy easier and stop the racist laws that keep all people from accessing their right to vote.

      When we fight, we win

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