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    November 16, 2019
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  • EXECUTIVE ORDER Opposition Grows: Senators Release Another Letter Blasting Attacks
    Updated On: Jun 28, 2018

    Major Win for AFGE. EO Opposition Grows: Senators Release Another Letter Blasting Attacks


    More members of Congress are speaking out against the White House’s attempts to undermine the U.S. Constitution and laws providing checks and balances in the federal government.   

    Following letters sent to the White House last week from 21 Republicans and 23 Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives, 45 Democratic members of the U.S. Senate issued their own letter to President Trump urging him to rescind three executive orders he issued last month targeting federal workers and their unions.   

    “At a minimum, we hope you will ensure that managers at federal agencies do not use these executive orders inappropriately to circumvent existing collective bargaining agreements between agencies and federal workers,” they wrote.   

    AFGE thanks 45 members of the U.S. Senate for taking a stand for democracy and the rights we all hold dear as American citizens. We also thank Sen. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland for his leadership on this issue.    

    The three executive orders President Trump issued May 25 are a direct assault on the Constitutional rights of federal workers and a challenge to the democratic principles on which this nation was founded. These orders strip agencies of their right to bargain terms and conditions of employment and replace it with a politically charged scheme to fire employees without due process.    

    Left unchallenged, these directives will deprive 2 million workers of their rights to address and resolve workplace issues such as sexual harassment, racial discrimination, retaliation against whistleblowers, improving workplace health and safety, enforcing reasonable accommodations for workers with disabilities, and so much more.   

    AFGE is already leading the charge against the president’s actions in court, and it’s gratifying to have so many elected leaders from both political parties speaking up in support of federal employees and our rights under the law. This success is a direct result of our hard work. 

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