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    December 12, 2019
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  • NCFLL Council Assignments (May 2017
    Updated On: Aug 08, 2017


    (May 4, 2017)


    ALJ                                         Wenomia Person, Steve Southwood

    BLS                                         Rob Sax, Pamela Martin-Mitchell

    CFO                                        Mike England, Richard Whitt

    EBSA                                      Rob Sax, Steve Southwood

    ETA                                        Wenomia Person, Brad Allen

    OASAM                                   Daryl Laurie, Nancy Nolan

    LABOR RELATIONS                  Daryl Laurie, Nancy Nolan

    OCIO                                      Wenomia Person, Nancy Nolan

    OFCCP                                   Rob Sax, Steve Southwood

    OIPA                                      Brad Allen, Richard Whitt

    OLMS                                     Mike Wells, Steve Southwood

    OSHA                                     Mike England, Pamela Martin-Mitchell

    OWCP                                     Mike Wells, Wenomia Person

    MSHA                                      Brad Allen, Jeff Darby, Richard Whitt

    S&H                                        Mike England, Pamela Martin-Mitchell

    SOL                                        Mike Wells, Richard Whitt

    VETS                                      Jeff Darby, Mike England

    Wage-Hour                             Daryl Laurie, Nancy Nolan

    Women’s Bureau                    Jeff Darby, Pamela Martin-Mitchell  

    Arbitration Committee            Brad Allen, Jeff Darby, Nancy Nolan,

    Steve Southwood (Chair)

    Clarification of Unit               Jeff Darby (chair), Nancy Nolan, Wenomia Person,Rob Sax

    Legislative                               Daryl Laurie, Rob Sax, Richard Whitt

    Regional S&H Oversight        Mike England, Pamela Martin-Mitchell

    Website, Courier                     Daryl Laurie, Wenomia Person, Mike Wells, Jeff Darby, Pamela Martin Mitchell

    Weisbrod Committee              Mike England, Nancy Nolan, Mike Wells

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