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  • Union opposes cuts to Federal Retirement
    Posted On: Jul 13, 2017

    Union opposes cuts to Federal Retirement Benefits

    Union opposes cuts to Federal Employee Retirement Benefits (both FERS and CSRS) as proposed under the President's FY 2018 Budget. If the proposed budget would be passed by Congress, it would result in the following:

        •    Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) for current and future employees under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) eliminated, and cut the COLA for employees under the older Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) by 0.5 percent.

        •    Increase federal employees' out of pocket payments toward their FERS pensions by at least six percent.

        •    Reduce future FERS pension benefits by averaging an employee's highest five years of salary, instead of the highest three years.

        •    Eliminate FERS supplemental payments to employees who retire before age 62, such as law enforcement agents and firefighters.

    The House of Representatives plans to mark up the Presidents Proposed FY 2018 Budget next week. 

    Call to Action:

    We need to mobilize everyone to make calls and visits to our Congressional Representatives and tell them to oppose any cuts to Federal Employee Retirement benefits.  Our Council needs to make at least a combined total of 300 phone calls and 10 office visits to our Congressional Representatives by July 31, 2017.

    The telephone number call is 844-669-5146.  You will be asked to provide your home zip code in order to be connected to your Congressional Representatives Office.  

    Please disseminate this information to all union members for mobilization. Please do not use the government email system or communicate information to any members during duty hours.  The information can be communicated during rest and lunch breaks, before or after work. 

    I appreciate any efforts that you can make in getting this word out.  These cuts would affect all Federal Employees, both current and former.  We need to mobilize and stop this.

    Daryl Laurie

    President, NCFLL


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